Mai Bhago college ralla

Affiliated to: Punjabi University, Patiala

Mai Bhago college ralla

Dear Students,

I welcome the young minds who join Mai Bhago Degree College(For Girls), Ralla(Mansa), in the pursuit of their dreams of higher education. I am sure the aspirations with which you are joining this college will find fulfilment.Mai Bhago Degree College(For Girls), Ralla(Mansa), is a multifaculty post graduate institution managed by managing committee under the Punjabi Educational SocietyRalla.

This institution is well equipped to empower young students not only with knowledge but also with proper aptitude and a becoming attitude which are the modern day 'Mantras' for a successful career. While imparting education in various faculties,We also focus on the development and growth of the human being in them. We offer an ideal combination of tradition and modernity- a synthesis of the best in the past and the best in the present. We wish our students to be more than intelligent. They should be able to assimilate the information and the knowledge they gather from books and their teachers so that it takes the shape of wisdom which is scare commodity in the world today.

"Wish you all the best"