Mai Bhago college ralla

Affiliated to: Punjabi University, Patiala

Mai Bhago college ralla


Science labs are equipped with Medical as well as Binocular Microscope, Microtome, B.P. Operators, Stethoscope, Automatic Water bath, Dissection Microscope, Slide Projector etc. Chemistry labs are equipped with Steam Oven, Conducting Bridge, Polarimeter, Electrical Water Bath, Muffle Furnace, Mechanical Shaker, Galvanometer, M.P. Apparatus etc. Physics labs are equipped with Multimeter, Anderson Bridge Apparatus, Bending Beam Apparatus, Ballastic Galvanometer, Diode Clipping Apparatus, Newton ring apparatus, Potentiometer, Photo cell characteristics Apparatus,Hygrometer, Fleshing and Quenching Apparatus, Young’s Modulus Apparatus, Zener Diode Voltage Regulator etc.

Latest News

The Practical DateSheet of M.Sc-IT Sem I,III will uploaded on university Website.
1.The M.Sc-IT Sem-I Practical will conduct on 20 January,2020 at National College Bhikhi.
2.The M.Sc-IT Sem-III Practical will conduct on 22 and 23 January at N.M College Mansa.

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